Off Track Garage Doors in Fairview, Asheville & Hendersonville, NC


off track garage doors asheville nc

If you have a garage doors that is off it's track: call the garage door experts at 828-747-8575 immediately. An off track garage door is the most dangerous situation in garage door repairing. Do not touch the garage door, as an off track garage door is a very serious situation, and should only be handled by professionals. Some garage doors can weigh half a ton, and off track garage doors can slip and fall at a moments notice. Here are some warning signs that your garage door may be off its track:

  • Garage door is tilted or slanted
  • Half of the garage door has disconnected from the track
  • Garage door is unbalanced
  • Garage door shakes as it closes

For your safety, please call the professionals as soon as possible so that we can repair this dire situation.

Common Problems

Some common problems of off track garage doors include:

  • Someone closes the garage door and it hits something on the way down
  • A portion of the garage door is lower than the other side
  • Spring malfunction while the garage door is lifted up
  • Garage door cables tear
  • Something hits the garage door (trash can, vehicle, miscellaneous objects)